LCP Our Natural CBD and Plant-Based Ingredients - HEMPE



·      A powerful anti-oxidant

·      Strong anti-inflammatory response

·      Stimulates the nervous system

·      Micro circulation enhancer

·      Plays role in the management of pain

Clove Leaf Oil

·      A natural anaesthetic due to eugenol content

·      Natural anti-inflammatory properties

·      Stimulates the applied area

·      Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities

·      Speeds up micro circulation

·      Used as natural pain reliever for hundreds of years

Cypress Oil

·      Used to relieve muscle pain

·      Soothes inflammation

·      Great for improving circulation

·      Works to relax muscle spasms

·      Natural treatment for carpal tunnel

·      Used to relieve restless leg syndrome

Eucalyptus Globulus

·      Helps to ease pain

·      Cooling effect on the muscles

·      Naturally soothes inflammation and swelling

·      Antiseptic and supports antimicrobial action

·      Relieves the joints and muscles

·      Purifying, cleansing and immune boosting

Hemp Seed Oil

·      Natural anti-inflammatory effects

·      Contains GLA which can provide relief

·      Regulates the skin’s oil production

·      Encourages new cell generation

·      Works in conjunction with CBD


·      Deeply hydrating for skin

·      Substantial long lasting moisturisation

·      Can help slow down appearance of aging

·      Full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and beneficial minerals

·      Anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe

·      Can help with skin repair and damage control

Laurel Leaf Oil

·      Known to have analgesic qualities

·      Often used for muscle and joint problems

·      Naturally antiseptic and antibacterial

·      Powerful astringent

·      Some studies say anti-inflammatory effect is comparable to morphine


·      Natural anti-inflammatory properties

·      Commonly used to relieve pain

·      Acts as a natural antiseptic

·      Relief for muscles and joints

·      Soothing and relaxing properties

Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil

·      Cooling effect that relaxes body muscles

·      Natural ingredient for joint and muscle pain

·      Acts as a natural antiseptic

·      Promotes circulation of blood

·      Used to treat spasms of muscles

·      Antimicrobial properties against a wide range of bacteria

Pinus Sylvestris Twig Leaf Oil

·      Anti-inflammatory agent

·      Anti-bacterial properties

·      Stimulates circulation

·      Often used for joint pain and arthritis

·      Can help to relieve muscle fatigue

Spirulina Platensis Extract

·      Bursting with antioxidants

·      Fantastic moisturising properties

·      Promotes skin cell renewal

·      Contains important amino acids that help keep skin firm

·      Can prevent damage that leads to wrinkles and ageing


·      Keeps your skin hydrated

·      Closely involved in maintaining skin barrier health

·      Natural antioxidant properties that help your skin look younger

·      Improves texture and appearance of skin

·      Fantastic emollient that mimics your skins natural oils

·      Regular use boosts collagen production resulting in firmer skin

Vitamin E

·      Essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties

·      Antioxidant that neutralises free radicals

·      Excellent moisturiser for dry, patchy areas of skin

·      Humectant and emollient so absorbs water in and then traps it

·      May be beneficial at reducing UV damage to skin

·      Vitamin E is in all of our Hempe products